Zreality GmbH facilitates successful workshop on gamification and hybrid collaboration

Zreality GmbH, a leading provider in the field of corporate metaverse, is pleased to announce the successful collaboration with Advantage Austria in organizing the second interactive workshop on Gamification and Serious Play. The two-day workshop took place from March 14-15, 2023, and offered participants from various sectors of the Austrian economy the opportunity to jointly create virtual Serious Play models and explore the potential of Gamification in a corporate context.

The event was led by German and English gamification experts and moderated by Advantage Austria’s innovation officers in the UK and Germany, Peter Pesl and Franz Nickl. A total of seven participants built joint Lego Serious Play models, completed a virtual scavenger hunt on Gather.Town, and went through interactive exercises together in Zreality’s corporate metaverse environment Grids.

Jan Knieriemen, COO of Zreality, introduced the platform to the participants under the topic “Corporate Metaverse” and presented different case studies. The participants also had the opportunity to dive into different virtual worlds and discover the variety of possibilities of the Metaverse.

The conclusion of the workshop was clear: The Corona pandemic may be over, but the age of hybrid collaboration has just begun. Zreality GmbH was instrumental in providing participants with a successful and educational experience and looks forward to continuing to develop and deliver innovative hybrid and virtual collaboration solutions in the future.