Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions

RemoteEye – AR Smart Glass solution for service technicians

Supporting your service technicians in the field can be a challenge. You either have to support them via a telephone call or have to travel to your customers location with your key support staff to solve the problem. This creates the problem of downtime for your customers and generates high cost for travel. With our RemoteEye solution you can support your service technicians in the field immediately and at any location. RemoteEye uses AR data glasses to transmit the view of your on-site technician directly to your support center via live online video. Support staff can use voice communication and “virtual viewing” to relay instructions for repairing your vehicle, system or machine directly to the service technician on site. This saves support and travel expenses as well as ensuring the production availability of your products.

Features of ZREALITY RemoteEye

  • Android App: Device-independent app based on Android for various AR glasses from Vuzix, Google or Epson. Specifically optimized for Vuzix M300.
  • Live Video: Ultra sharp HD video transmits the service technician’s field of vision to support team.
  • Live-Video-Dashboard: Support staff can view video streaming via PC/Tablet/Smartphone and any browser
  • Bidirectional voice connection: Service and support staff can communicate via VOIP connection.
  • Pointer for line of sight: Service technician can mark the spot he is looking at by moving his head.
  • Adjustable glasses: Glasses have interchangeable lenses.
  • Flashlight function: Service technician can illuminate dark areas by flashlight.
  • Autofocus: Glasses automatically focus on the line of vision
  • Secure online data transfer: Data glasses are connected via WiFi and a GSM data connection to any network. Data transfer can be encrypted and secured via VPN.
  • High battery life: 8 hours

Your advantages

  • Enable direct communication of service and support staff over long distances
  • On-site service technicians can explain problems faster and Support can react faster
  • Support sees the real situation on site and can give better instructions
  • Service and support can exchange information live
  • Employees no longer need to travel to resolve problems

Your benefits

  • Up to 80% lower travel costs for service cases!
  • Faster and better-quality response to support requests
  • High customer satisfaction due to reduced downtimes and production losses


  • Premium Quality: We do not design 360 degree videos but deliver the highest possible immersion in real virtual environments
  • Easy navigation: We develop user interfaces that are optimally adapted to the devices used.
  • Interactivity: We not only develop an app, but also design the story of the virtual experience for you.
  • Fast implementation: We develop quickly and efficiently utilizing basic standards and you receive your solution within a few weeks.
  • Optimization for all devices: Our apps are cross-platform optimized and can run on all common devices.


  • Consultation: Your requirements will be examined in a first interview and first solution proposals will be derived.
  • Data analysis and preperation: We review the data you provide and prepare it for use in the apps being developed.
  • Workshop: During a joint meeting, the specification for the desired app will be decided, which serves as the basis for the development.
  • Development: We optimize the available data, model the corresponding user experience in the virtual space and develop the application.
  • Provisioning: We provide you with the ready-made app for download and publish it if necessary in the relevant app stores.


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